Two-Day Course


  • Application Fee: $15.00 Check made to TN Board of Dentistry
  • Course Fee: $245.00 [View Payment Options]
  • Exams: Written & Clinical Exam: End of Day on Saturday
  • Credit Hours: 14 Hours
  • Materials: Provided by Pediatric Dental Centers, P.C.




* Students should wear scrubs and lab jacket on Saturday and must bring their own qualifying patients that have adequate growth of plaque. Patients should not brush teeth for approx. 3-4 days, avoid mouthwash or other products that limit growth of plaque. Patients should not chew gum or use xylitol products. Patients should arrive at approximately 2pm on Saturday.Minor children with fully erupted 1st and 2nd permanent molars need parental release forms. It is also advised to have a back up patient ready if your primary patient is unable to attend or does not have adequate plaque build up. Plaque should easily recognizable on the teeth upon a visual exam. The patient will have a disclosing agent applied to their teeth, Dr. Lynn reserves the right to decline any patient that does not have adequate plaque present.


For detailed information, visit Rules & Regulations set forth by the TN Board of Dentistry


*Courses are approved by and fulfill the requirements of the Tennessee Board of Dentistry for their licensure.*