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Children's teeth begin forming under the gums before birth. Your child's first tooth, usually a lower or upper central incisor, will erupt between 6-12 months of age. The remainder of their 20 primary or 'baby' teeth, usually first molars and upper central incisors, typically erupt by the age of 3 years. His/her gums may be tender and sore, causing your child to be irritable.


To alleviate your child's discomfort, you may rub a clean finger or a cool, wet cloth across your child's gums to soothe them. Also, you may choose to use a teething ring.


Primary teeth erupt at various times throughout childhood and permanent teeth begin erupting around the age of six years of age and continue until age 21 years. Adults have 28 permanent teet, or 32 including the third molars, or wisdom teeth.



Dr. Lynn recommends that you bring your child for a visit once he/she is six months old.


As little ones mimic everything their parents do, be sure to be a proper role model and have your child watch you brush and floss daily. If they are interested, allow them to brush their own teeth at the same time.